In keeping in line with my previous post regarding business owners and methods for establishing funding as well as ways to jump start your business during the current economic roller coaster that the Untied States is riding on, I wanted to share an additional business resource, EQA Office Furniture, that makes setting up an office […]

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With today’s economy and the lack of faith therein, all business owners alike are thinking outside of the box and grasping for ways to help improve their overall revenue. When it comes to getting a (startup) business off the ground, any and all assistance is more than utilized, especially with the way the economic obstacles […]

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Chris Brown vs DJ Khaled: Who Was Really Behind The Wheel Of The White Bentely?

February 10, 2009

When the second white vehicle police chase in Los Angeles was first covered, it was Chris Brown who was allegedly the driver behind the (slow speed) chase then it was announced that it was Miami based rapper, DJ Khaled, who you may recall from Terror Squad. According to the Los Angeles Times (which appears to […]

It Pays To Discover But Yet Not Everybody Accepts Discover ;(

February 1, 2009

If you are anything like me and you get turned down more trying to use your Discover card than you do winking at girls through, then it’s time to save the orange card (that pledges to pay when you discover) for a later occasion and swipe out the easy, quick and convenient card that’s […]